MAY 15, 2014

4 ways you can save money when you build a model train track

Building your very own model railway can be rather expensive, especially if you buy new trains, new track and all the accessories you need to make the layout look authentic.  

Don’t let this put you off though, take the thrifty approach to building a custom railway and you’ll find ways to cut costs but still achieve the desired result.

Here’s what we suggest at Hobbies and Model Trains, feel free to use this advice with our pleasure...

Gradually build your collection

Once you decide you are going to build a model railway you’ll be eager to get stuck into the project. This is admirable but it’s also expensive too.

Try to be realistic about what you are going to achieve with the railway in the early days. Work out the budget you have to spend on the initial build and stick with it.

Don’t be tempted to overspend in certain areas, just buy the basics and build up the layout over a period of time when you have more money.

Make your own features

Do you really need to buy buildings, trackbeds and realistic water? Couldn’t you have a go at making your own?

Woodland scenes and village mock-ups look great when you add them to your track layout but there are ways of creating a similar effect without running to the expense.

Learn how to make your own accessories, there are plenty of guides and reading material available on the subject and it could save you a large amount of cash in the long run.

Buy pre-used where possible

Another way you can save money on trains, track and trackside accessories is to scour the second-hand market for a few bargains.

Look online or visit stores that specialise in pre-loved trains. It’s a good way to add to a new track layout, especially if you want to swell the size of the locomotive fleet.

Ask for discounts to avoid paying full price

Never pay full price for trains, models and accessories either. Buy a few items together and there’s nothing wrong with asking for a discount from the retailer. They might say no but you’ve lost nothing by asking for a discount in the first place.

Be bold, be brave and be a little cheeky. See how far it gets you!  

Created on 15th May 2014
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