OCT 7, 2013

5 people you didn’t know were model train enthusiasts

There are thousands, if not millions of model railway enthusiasts around the world, each one as passionate as the next. Amongst us though, are a few famous names that are as equally passionate about creating a model railway.

Here we’re going to look at 5 people that you probably didn’t know are model railway enthusiasts.

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart has been on the cover of Model Railroader Magazine which he says is ‘better than being on the front of Rolling Stone’ - that goes to show just how much he loves model railroads.

He has a set at the top of his house and he’s even created a perfect scale model of New York’s Grand Central Station. He quite famously banned the BBC from filming the set claiming that it’s his ‘private’ collection which is a shame. It’s a set that I’m sure we’d all love to see!

Johnny Cash

Another of the world’s most famous musicians was also hugely passionate about model railroads. Not much is known about the ‘Ring of Fire’ singer’s railway sets, other than the fact that he did have one. He also made TV commercials for Lionel Trains in the 70s, cementing his name in the model railway hall of fame for good.

Walt Disney

One of the most famous names in the world, Walt Disney was also a model railway enthusiast. In 1949 Disney moved his family to Holmby Hills. It was here that he created a live steam model railway in his backyard. He named the railroad the Carolwood Pacific after his home’s location on Carolwood Drive.

Michael Jordan

Once upon a time Michael Jordan was the most famous sports star on the planet. The 6ft 6in basket ball player was often regarded as the best in the world but did you know he has a love of model railways too? It’s said that in his home he has an N Scale layout that’s based on the Chicago and North Western railroads. 

Tom Hanks

So, we’ve looked at musicians, directors and sports stars, but what about film stars? Well, Mr Hanks is the highest grossing box-office start of all time. That’s pretty famous. Did you know that he loves model railroads too?

Currently working on the Walt Disney biopic, Hanks, just like the man he’s portraying has a passion for creating model railways. It’s rumoured that he’s currently creating the Southern Pacific line.

So, model railroading isn’t just for us mere mortals. There are plenty of superstars out there who love the hobby too! Know of any other famous people who enjoy this pass time? Let us know!

Created on 7th October 2013
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