JUL 3, 2014

5 reasons to take a trip on a steam train this year

Get the train to work every day and the last thing you probably feel like doing is taking a trip on a train at the weekend.

Hear us out at Hobbies and Models though. A journey on a steam train is a magical experience, especially if you normally chug to work on a packed commuter train pulled by a diesel or electric loco.

We’ve thought of 5 perfectly good reasons to ride a steam train this year, it’s hard to disagree with any of the following.

Take a steam train and...

1. It’s a nostalgic experience

The moment you step foot inside a carriage pulled by a steam train you are instantly whisked back in time. The fixtures and fittings might be dated but the seats are plush, they’re also plump and provide plenty of padding for your posterior.

As you sit there you are suddenly overwhelmed by the nostalgia of the experience, you start to wonder how many people have travelled in this carriage over the years and feel glad you get to share in their experience.    

2. The sound is scintillating

Steam trains hiss, spit and chug, their whistles shriek, their wheels go clickety-clack on the track and these sounds make your rail journey even more memorable.  

Just sit and focus on the sounds of the train for a few minutes. Bet it brings a huge smile to your face.

3. The smell is aromatic

There’s something wonderful about the aroma of cinders, smoke and steam, it’s a great mix that adds to the pleasure of the train journey.

Pop your head out of the window when the train is drawing into a station. Savour the smells and wave at the people that are taking pictures of the train from the platform.   

4. The ride is relaxing

Sat there, listening the rhythmic clickety-clack of the Pullman wheels you instantly feel at ease.

Ride a steam train and you start to relax the moment the loco pulls away from the station, can you say the same about the train you take on the daily commute to work?  

5. It’s very romantic  

Sit in the dining car on a Pullman, face the love of your life and enjoy a meal as the scenery flashes by outside.

You could be on the Orient Express heading to Venice, or simply riding a steam train up a mountain pass, either way you’re in great company.

The food tastes amazing and the wine is flowing. So as the train hisses and steams its way into a tunnel, reach over and grab a sneaky kiss, it’s ever so romantic and the perfect way to travel with your partner.

Just thinking about steam trains makes us sigh!     


Created on 3rd July 2014
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