JAN 13, 2014

5 record breaking trains

The Guinness Book of Records is filled with a host of weird and wonderful achievements relating to trains, we’ve been looking at a few at Hobbies and Models and think these are some of the best.

Longest model train: Currently the record for the longest model train is held by the Wilmington Railroad Museum Model Railway Committee over in the United States. Their model train measured 282.11m and it comprised 31 locomotives and 1,563 carriages in total. The train as a HO scale and the record was set on 23rd April 2011. Imagine putting that together?

Longest train journey: The record for the longest train journey without changing trains goes to Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia where you can board a train in Russia and still be on it a week later! The trip from Russia to North Korea takes an astonishing 7 days, 20 hours and 25 minutes and covers 6, 346 miles. And you thought your train commute was bad!

Fastest train on a national rail system: France this time for the TGV V150 with an impressive top speed of 357.2 mph. This modified version of the standard TGV had larger wheels, was powered by two engines and it smashed the previous record back in April 2007. Wish all train services were that fast.

Heaviest carriage to be pulled by model locomotives: Ulrich Grunewald set this record in Germany on 21st February 2007. He attached 200 electric model locomotives (Marklin BR 143) to a 47 tonne carriage and they managed to pull it a grand total of 32ft 9inches. That’s impressive!

Longest passenger train: Belgium holds the record for the longest passenger train, the National Belgian Railway Company created a one-off train measuring 1732.9m in aid of a cancer research charity. It pulled 70 coaches, carried 216 people and travelled 38.9 miles from Ghent to Ostend on April 27th 1991. The train completed the journey in 1hour 11 minutes and was dismantled after the record was set.   

Get into model railways and you never know what records you could break!


Created on 13th January 2014
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