DEC 6, 2013

How to create DIY winter scenery for model trains

Part of the fun of model railways is building a track layout from scratch using your own creative touches to bring the scenery to life. With a bit of imagination you can really go to town and take your trains on a fabulous journey. We’ve thought of a few suggestions to get you started if you want to create a winter landscape, hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

  • Use twigs for tree trunks: Want to create realistic looking trees? Use real trees for donor parts. Twigs are the ideal material for tree trunks, leave them bare if you want to create a winter scene or add sponge painted green or bits of moss to create the appearance of a tree in spring.

  • Build a clear plastic ice rink: Clear plastic makes a good imitator for ice, cut up old plastic food cartons (the clear versions), stick some foil to the back and sink it into a cut-out section of your scenery. Place miniature ‘skaters’ on the ice and dress the edges with fake snow spray to complete the effect.

  • Use talcum powder on roof tops: Sprinkle a little touch of ‘snow’ onto buildings or background scenery, drop it on mountains tops or sprinkle it onto piles of coal for a wintry impact.

  • Make polystyrene snowmen: Cut snowmen sized balls out of polystyrene packaging materials, stick a smaller ball on a larger ball, use tiny twigs for arms and paint on a face. A small strip of fabric makes a great scarf and see if you can track down a tiny hat to pop on your snowman’s head.

  • Create fake icicles: Trim the bristles from old toothbrushes, pick them up with tweezers and dip them into a clear glue. Carefully stick them to the edges of gutters and roof sections on buildings and when they dry they’ll look just like the real thing.

These are just few suggestions for you to try. Experiment a little when you build a winter scene for your railway and with patience it’ll look just like the Polar Express!

Created on 6th December 2013
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