SEP 10, 2014

Seven reasons to travel by train

Find yourself onboard a plane or in the backseat of a car too often? Getting a little sick of being cramped up, over paying, and not having enough room for your bagging?

Well here we’re going to look at sevenreasons why train travel is the best option, pretty much every time.

More baggage – Nearly all airlines charge a traveller a fee to take a couple of bags with them. Put these charge prices alongside a the baggage prices on a train journey (more often than it won’t cost you anything) and you’ll find that you can carry much, much more on board a train.

Safer – We all know that the roads are dangerous, and flying hardly feels comfortable, does it? On average accidents, are much lower than those of any other means of transportation.

Speed – If you’re looking to get across the country your first thought may be to do it by car. But think again. Rail transport is under continuous improvements in terms of speed, with many high-speed trains making huge journeys.

Comfort – There isn’t much comfier than sitting in your own cabin on a train with friends. You can sit back and enjoy the scenery as you fly across the country. There’s nothing to worry about on your part!

The environment – Trains are considered to be one of the most energy efficient types of transport out there. To transport one passenger one kilometre, a car needs to use five times the energy used by a train.

Capacity – Trains can carry larger amounts of passengers and carry more goods than pretty much any other means of transport. This makes them ideal for business and companies looking to move goods across country in a more environmentally friendly way.

Traffic reduction – the more people using trains as a mode of transport means fewer cars on the road, which in turn reduces the amount of accidents and the amount of pollution; a win, win.

So as you can see, trains are the clear winner when it comes to travelling at home. They’re quick, safe, more energy efficient and cheaper. What’s not to love? 

Created on 10th September 2014
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