AUG 22, 2013

The 5 fastest trains in the world

If you’re a model train enthusiast then I’d put money on the fact that you’re a fan of trains in general.

If you’re nodding your head along with me here then stick around. I’m going to look at 5 of the world’s fastest trains.

TGV Reseau

This French train can reach top speeds of 236mph but it normally runs at around 199mph. The train is so fast that originally when the train entered tunnel passengers complained of uncomfortable pressure changes which was eventually counteracted by making all carriages pressure sealed.

 Shanghai maglev train

This is the first commercially operated magnetic levitation train in the world.

Because it doesn’t sit on the track, but actually floats, it can achieve some mind numbing speeds. At its fastest this train can run at 270mph.

The fact it floats isn’t ideal for us model enthusiasts. Imagine if our sets had floating tracks on them!

Shinkansen train

The Shinkansen train can reach rocketing speeds of 274mph making it 3rd on our list. It’s often called the duck billed platypus thanks to its odd looking aerodynamic shape.

On the line it travels on there has not been 1 fatality in nearly 7 billion passengers since its inception.

That’s the population of the earth.

Now that’s what I’d call reliable...


Like the Maglev Train of Shanghai this train uses magnetic technology to float along its track. Thanks to this it can fly around at 279mph making the second fastest train on the planet.

The technology from both the Transrapid and the Maglev trains have been considered by countries around the world thanks to their safety and punctuality.


Probably the least appealing name on our list, this train is the fastest train in the world. It’ll have you hurtling towards your destination at a top speed of 302mph.

It operates though at the standard speed of 236mph (still pretty fast). I for one would love to sit back and relax and hurtle along on this bullet.

So there you go, 5 of the fastest trains in the world. Would you love to have these things flying round your set, or prefer to stick to traditional steam models?

Created on 22nd August 2013
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