SEP 10, 2014

The world’s longest train journeys

Basing layouts on real train routes is something many model train enthusiasts do.  But China are proposing one train route that would be near impossible to recreate – a train that would travel from China to the US. That’s an 8,000 mile high speed rail link that shoots along at 217 MPH.

The route would start its life in North East China, run through parts of Siberia, fly down a 125 mile tunnel under the Bering Strait, come out in Alaska, cross Canada, and eventually finish up in the USA. A two day journey that’s 2,300 miles longer than the Trans-Siberian Railway.

But that got us thinking – what are the longest train journey’s currently in existence? Let’s take a look.

Trans-Siberian Railway – At a staggering 5,772 miles long, this railway holds the record as the longest in the world.  It connects Moscow with the Russian Far East and the Sea of Japan. At one point in the railway’s history, there was even a tram ferry that carried locomotives across Lake Baikal!

Trans-Mongolian line – This follows a similar route as the Trans-Siberian line, but alters course and heads through to Mongolia and then China. This journey will last about 5 days and takes in stunning scenery in the countries it travels through.

Guangzhou to Lhasa – This is the longest train journey in the world outside of the Trans-Siberian railway. It’s operated by Qing Tibet Railway and spans 4980km, making 10 stops and lasting just over two days.

Toronto to Vancouver – If you’re looking to cross North America without taking to the air then this 446mkm journey is for you. Making 66 different stops, the famous train even appears on the $10 bill of the Bank of Canada. It takes in some of the most stunning views in the world too!

It’s unclear as to whether America, Canada, or Russia has agreed to this train journey proposed by China. But it’d make a huge step forward in travel and smash these train journeys to pieces!  

Created on 10th September 2014
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