JUN 20, 2014

Where to find inspiration for a monster train track

Inspiration for model train layouts stems from many sources.  A feature in a magazine, a view from a hillside, a dream even, could set you off on the right track.

Where would you begin if you wanted to create the largest indoor model railway though, how would you find the inspiration for this feat?

Take a leaf out of Sean Green’s book. He’s built ‘Wroxham Miniature Worlds’ and boy, this is one amazing track!  

What exactly is Wroxham Miniature Worlds?

Sean’s wonderful world stretches over 10,000 square feet and it contains 28 trains along with detailed scenes from around the world.  It was made with the help of Sean’s son, Robert and the track was brought to life in Hoveton, Norfolk.

This British train enthusiast found inspiration due to ‘a lack of things to do in Norfolk’ and it features numerous scenes ranging from charming British countryside to the bustling streets of Japan.

We love the detail that’s gone into Sean’s creation at Hobbies and Models - it just goes to show what you can achieve when you have the time, the inspiration and the space to create an indoor model railway.     

It took 3 years for Sean to put the finishing touches to his model railway track and you can see the love, sweat and tears that have gone into making such a wonderful exhibition.

The attention to detail really does Sean proud, as fellow enthusiasts we know how difficult it can be to create such a large scale project, it even has a ‘bullet train’ whizzing around the 260 square foot section representing Japan.  

The model railway is now open to the general public and Mr Green hopes it inspires other train enthusiasts, from what we’ve seen it can’t fail!

Google ‘Wroxham Miniature Worlds’ if you want to take a closer look at this amazing track, and don’t forget to shop for train sets at Hobbies and Models, the one stop model railway shop.  

Created on 20th June 2014
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